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Paintless Dent Repair /Removal                                                                



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    Before                       After                           Old Method of repairing dents
If you're like most people , you have door dings on your car and don't have the time  to take your car into a body shop..
We have the answer for you!!!

Let one of our " Paintless Dent Removal Contractors" come to your home or office and remove those nasty dings. In most cases we can even remove dents the size of baseballs.. This process is done with special tools that actually "Massage" the dents out. There is no body filler, no painting, no over spray and best of all it can be done anywhere and usually within an hour. This service will save you hundreds of dollars....

Cost : $125.00 - $175.00 Per Panel


Limitations and Possibilities:
  • As long as the paint has not been broken, almost all dents can be removed.
  • Dents can be repaired to between 95-99% accuracy.
  • The size of the dent can vary between the size of a dime to softball.
  • Almost all dents can be removed as long as the metal has not been badly stretched.
  • Dents can be fixed almost anywhere on the vehicle as long as the dent is not located on the very edge of a panel.
  • We will try to remove almost any dent to satisfy a customer, but will utilize our experience to determine whether or not a dent can be 95-99% removed. There are some dents, however, that can not be removed by our methods and they are usually on the edge of a panel or over a double braced area. Any such limitation will be discussed completely before work will be started.


contact us by e-mail or call us direct at 310-412-CARS to arrange an appointment to come to your  office 

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